X-ray department

Our institution has the most modern equipment that allows our doctors to put the right diagnosis as quickly and accurately as possible and prescribe effective treatment. 

Our staff consists only of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of disease diagnosis.

In the offices of MSCT and MRI there are doctors of the first and highest qualification category who have completed internships at the MNOI them. A.P.Gertsen, St. Petersburg State University, Bristol General Hospital (UK), BelMAPO. Doctors of MSCT and MRI cabinets annually attend congresses on radiology with international participation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna). They are active participants in the society of radiation diagnostics in Gomel and Minsk.

In the department, X-ray studies are carried out to ensure the II level of visualization::

  • All types of traditional X-ray studies, including radiography, fluoroscopy, linear tomography;
  • Special studies (mammography, fistulography, retrograde contrasting of the biliary tract, excretory and retrograde urography, etc.);
  • X-ray computed tomography

The main directions of diagnostic research:

  • Diagnosis of diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine). The department introduces the technique of primary double contrasting of the digestive tract with the use of an original contrast agent;
  • Diagnosis of breast diseases;
  • Studies of the osteoarticular apparatus;
  • Organs of the chest cavity;
  • Urinary tract;
  • Bile ducts;

contact number:

Head of the division Mikhail Mikhailovich


8 (0232) 49 18 83, 8 (0232) 49 15 02, 8 (044) 744 79 31

8 (0232) 49 19 34

Also mentally to sort out the questions that have arisen, you can e-mail mikgfer@tut.by