Day of the medical officer

Every year on the third Sunday of June in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine, on a long tradition, celebrate the Day of the Medical Worker (Medical Day).

On June 16, 2017, a concert was held on the basis of the "Gomel Clinical Oncology Dispensary". The certificates were presented to 19 employees, two of them were from the Health Department and the Regional Committee of the Health Workers' Union (Podgorny Nikolay Nikolaevich, the oncologist-oncologist-surgeon of the onco-abdominal department and Barkovskaya Natalia Iosifovna, the X-ray laboratory assistant), 2 letters from the administration of the Soviet district of Gomel (Shvabe Viktoru Antonovich, head of the oncological department, and Poznyak Ekaterina Romanovna, the senior m / s of the onco-abdominal department)). 45 employees received gratitude for active and conscientious work for the benefit of the dispensary. Also at the concert there were invited former employees of the dispensary, who worked there for more than 20 years: - Chernova Raisa Antonovna, chief nurse, Belozerova Svetlana Stanislavovna, nurse anesthetist.

The basis for celebrating this professional holiday is the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR №3018-Х of October 1, 1980 "On Festive and Memorable Days", in the edition of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR No. 9724-XI of November 1, 1988 "On making amendments to the legislation of the USSR on festive and memorable days ". And this tradition continues today.

The profession of a doctor is one of the oldest in the world, and now it is claimed literally everywhere. Each of us at least once in his life turned to the doctor for help and treatment. After all, even at the very beginning of a person's life - when a baby is born - doctors take direct part. And modern health care and the efforts of doctors are aimed not only at treating diseases and maintaining human health, but also on its development.

The entire staff of GOKOD sincerely congratulates medical workers and veterans on their professional holiday. We are grateful to you for the fact that in the most difficult moments you come to the rescue and save our lives. We wish even greater responsibility, cordiality and non-indifference to patients.

Thank you for your conscientious and fruitful work!