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Meeting with young specialists

An introductory meeting with young specialists took place in the beginning of September in the Gomel Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary.

This year 14 young professionals and 8 interns came to this institution.

In the meeting with the young replenishment of the oncology dispensary, which was organized by the administration and the trade union institution, the deputy head physician for examination of temporary disability and rehabilitation Dmitry Borisovich Rodko, chief nurse Lidia Ivanovna Shevchenko, as well as the secretary of the primary organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, Svetlana Pulkina, were invited.

Participants of the meeting were introduced to the internal schedule of the dispensary, with a collective agreement, explaining the provisions concerning the rights and guarantees of young professionals included in this document. They were also provided with information on sports and cultural mass work, which is supported by the administration and the trade union committee. And to better learn about the interests, sporting achievements, talents of young people, the trade union committee has developed a special questionnaire.

In addition, after the meeting, all young specialists took part in a survey conducted by the Gomel Regional Committee of the Health Workers' Union, answering the questions of the questionnaire, which related to their adaptation at the first workplace. Such a meeting of the newcomers with the representatives of the administration and the trade union committee was the first, but not the last: the trade union committee also planned other measures for the adaptation of young specialists in the work collective, in professional activity, for involving them in the public life of the dispensary.