Reviews about us

Kovalyova V.I.

With all my heart I express my sincere gratitude to the head of the Oncological Department of Head and Neck Tumors VLADIMIR VALENTINOVICH TATCHIKHIN for the highest professionalism. I would like to say words of deep gratitude and respect to you, VLADIMIR VALENTINOVICH, for your truly golden hands that work wonders. Thank you for your professionalism, skill and understanding. Thank you for your attentiveness and sensitivity.

Danilenko Sergey Vladimirovich (Mogilev)

Many thanks from me and all my family for professionalism, support, sensitive and attentive attitude! To the doctor who received me at the polyclinic Podgorny Nikolai Nikolaevich. Deputy chief physician for surgery Nagla Yuri Vladimirovich. Attending physician, Head. abdominal oncology department Kudryashov Vadim Andreevich. Head operating unit Tereshko Alexander Vladimirovich. All nursing staff.

It is a great happiness that such competent, skillful and talented people work exactly where they are most needed.