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Over the past decade, oncology has stepped far ahead. Now breast cancer is no longer such a terrible diagnosis. 

If before a malignant tumor of the mammary gland - this was a hundred percent removal of the organ, nowadays such an operation is resorted to in rare, rare cases. Changing traumatic mastectomy according to Halstead-Meyer in the 90s, functional-sparing operations on Madden came, and since 1993 - organ-preserving operations in the volume of radical resections of the breast, as well as radical operations with a one-stage breast reconstruction that allow preserving the dairy Iron in compliance with the principles of cancer radicalism.

Leonkov Alexander Leonidovich

Leonkov Alexander Leonidovich

Head of the department

Contact phone number 8 (44) 544 56 58


Our department has accumulated a great practical experience in the treatment of breast cancer using the latest advances in oncology, plastic surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Doctors of the department will do their best to cure you of the disease, while maintaining a high level of quality of life.

Doctors of the department together with you will make a detailed plan of diagnostic and therapeutic activities and will spare their time to explain any detail.

For morphological confirmation of the tumor, we use only minimally invasive, painless breast biopsies with immunohistochemical examination (determination of the receptors of estrogens (ER), progesterone (PR), oncoprotein HER-2 \ neu, etc.).

The complex approach of the specialists of the department to the treatment of breast cancer, uniting surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists and chemotherapeutists into one team allows to achieve the best results, making the treatment in the department more rapid and comfortable.

You can get a qualified consultation of the doctor of our department in one of the polyclinic's offices about the treatment of benign breast formations.

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